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Every motorcycle manufacturer display the VIN on different locations.

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The vast majority of motorcycles we came across display the VIN and frame number on the right side of the head stock tube. But hey! Check VIN Number. Lookup by US License Plate. What's in the Free Vehicle History Reports?

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Where to find my VIN Number? Learn More. State Based Informational Guides. We have compiled a list of state specific guides for you. Feel free to check them out.

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It has the following three important sections:. Fourth character: The fourth character represents the category of the vehicle. Suzuki follows the following codes to mark vehicle category:.

What is a VIN check?

Fifth character: The fifth character in the VIN number shows the engine displacement. Different manufacturers may have different codes to identify engine displacement of the vehicle. Below are the details pertaining to Suzuki:. Sixth character: In the VIN number, the sixth character normally represents the engine type of the vehicle.

Here are some Suzuki specific numeric codes denoting the engine type. Seventh Character: The seventh character in the Vehicle Identification Number shows the design sequence for any vehicle. As followed by Suzuki, 1 is used for the first design version of the vehicle, 2 is used for the second version of the design, and tenth and above versions are represented with A, B, and so on.

Where Is Your Chassis Number/VIN Located & What Does It Mean?

Eight Character: As per the system followed by Suzuki, the eight character represents the version of the vehicle. There is a certain procedure to calculate the same. Tenth character : The tenth character is a digit that tells the year of vehicle manufacture.


Eleventh character : The eleventh character in a Vehicle Identification Number denotes the plant code where the vehicle is manufactured. Serial Number of the Vehicle: The twelfth to the seventeenth characters in the Vehicle Identification Number is the serial number assigned to a vehicle. You may find the VIN number on plates engrossed to the chassis or frame of the vehicle.